University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Appendix C Personal Security and Parking

Escort Services (Car to Building/Building to Car)

University Police provide a walking escort service, which is staffed mostly by student employees. They will meet you at your car and walk you to the door of your work area. Leaving work, the reverse service is available. Call 624‑WALK 24 hours/day. Be sure to confirm what door you meet at.

Escort Services (Within Buildings)

University Police 624‑WALK service can be used to obtain an escort from one location to another within the Health Sciences complex.

University Police 624‑WALK will provide a "welfare check" service which will stop at an employee's location periodically on a scheduled basis, as often as every half hour.

This Appendix represents the escort services provided for employees in the bargaining unit as of the date on which this Agreement is ratified. In the event that the Employer changes these services, it will provide the union with information which is accurate at the time.

The Employer shall provide the Union with information regarding its current parking rates and practices.