University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

MOU - Layoff/Non-Renewal Program

The parties agree to continue the University Layoff/Non-Renewal. Terms of the program are provided below.


Employees are eligible if they have received a notice of layoff and hold at least a 75% time continuing appointment. Temporary employees are not eligible. While employees who previously have participated in termination severance programs are eligible for the Layoff/Non-renewal program, time included in previous programs shall not be included in any subsequent programs. Eligible employees may elect to participate in the program up to the effective date of their layoff.


  1. Eligible employees receive a lump-sum payment equal to one week of pay per full year of continuous service with the University, up to a maximum of 52 weeks of pay. One week of pay is equal to the regular hourly rate times the number of hours per week the employee was regularly scheduled to work on the last day of employment. This payment will be subject to payroll taxes
  2. Employees' medical and/or dental coverage may be continued for up to 18 months following termination of employment (but not after the last day of the month in which the employee becomes eligible for Medicare or other group medical plan that has no limitations or exclusions with respect to any preexisting conditions of the employee or his/her dependents) according to the following schedule:

    Full Years of Continuous Service University Contribution Is Payable For
    less than 3 years 0 months
    3 through 4 years up to 6 months
    5 through 9 years up to 12 months
    10 years and over up to 18 months

The University's contribution for this coverage will be the same as if the employee had remained employed. If the above contribution is for less than 18 months, the employee may continue coverage for the balance of the 18 months at his/her own expense under COBRA.

NOTE: If an employee elects to participate in this program, she or he gives up continuation coverage available under COBRA.