University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 30 Temporary Assignment


30.1 When an employee is required to assume the full responsibilities of a classification paying a higher rate, such employee shall receive an augmentation of at least four percent (4%) or the minimum step of the higher paying classification, whichever is greater, for the period of that assignment, provided that the assignment is for a duration of at least four (4) consecutive work hours. When an augmentation to a bargaining unit classification as described above is required, the employer will augment the most senior employee determined by the employer to be qualified to perform the work.

30.2 An employee who receives an augmentation under 30.1 may receive increases in the augmentation equivalent to progression increases that would be available in the higher paying classification. To be eligible, the employee must: work sufficient cumulative hours to be eligible according to provisions of the contract on progression increases for the higher paying classification

Notwithstanding, seniority shall be earned only in the original classification. For purposes of calculating cumulative eligible hours, only straight time hours worked effective 7/1/91 and later will be used.