University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 23 On Call


23.1 An employee shall be in an on-call status if his/her supervisor has instructed the employee, in writing, to remain available to work during an off duty period. An employee who is instructed to be in an on-call status is not required to remain in a fixed location, but must leave word where he/she may be reached immediately by telephone. Any employee who is instructed to remain in an on-call status shall be compensated for such time at the rate of fifteen (15) minutes straight time pay for each one (1) hour of on-call status. Such compensation shall be limited to four (4) hours of straight time pay per calendar day. An employee shall not receive on-call pay for hours actually worked. No employee shall be assigned to on-call status for a period of less than eight (8) hours.

23.2 Any employee who is in an on-call status and who is notified to report for work must report for work to the appropriate supervisor immediately upon being so notified. Any employee who is unable to report for whatever reason, within sixty (60) minutes may lose on-call compensation for the total off duty period.