University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 14 Work Week and Shift Assignment


14.1 The normal full-time work period for employees shall consist of forty (40) hours in a seven (7) day period as determined by the needs of the department. All employees, except for those in agricultural operations and those in the Maritime Worker classifications, shall be scheduled so as to receive at least two (2) consecutive days off during a fourteen (14) calendar day period. The employer agrees to make every effort to schedule employees to a five (5) day schedule where such schedules meet both the needs of the employer and the desires of the employees.

14.2 The normal full-time work day and normal full-time work shift shall consist of eight and one-half (8 1/2) consecutive hours, and shall include an unpaid thirty (30) minute lunch period. Employees who are required by the employer to remain at their work location throughout their entire work shift shall have a normal work day and a normal work shift consisting of eight (8) consecutive hours.

14.3 There shall be no split shifts for full-time employees except in dairy operations at the Research and Outreach Centers. A full-time employee who is assigned to work a split shift shall be compensated by earning the regular rate of pay for each hour worked, and, additionally, shall receive fifteen (15) minutes straight time pay for each full one (1) hour worked of the second one-half of the split shift.

14.4 Employees working a continuous rotating shift schedule, or a regularly scheduled alternating shift pattern, shall be allowed at least eight (8) hours time off between shifts, except that this shall not limit the employer’s authority to extend work shifts when necessary. A continuous rotating shift schedule is one in which all shifts are rotated through all twenty four (24) hours of a day on a regular, recurring basis. A continuous alternating shift pattern is one in which more than one shift is alternated through on a regularly recurring scheduled basis.

14.5 All employees shall be granted a fifteen (15) minute coffee or rest period during each four (4) consecutive hours of work. Employees required to extend their normal full time work shift shall be allowed a reasonable rest period.

14.6 If it is necessary to implement permanent changes in work schedules (other than for reasons beyond the employer’s control), the employer shall notify the union at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to implementation.

14.7 Scheduled shifts shall not be changed to avoid overtime.

14.8 An employee required to report, and who does report, for a normal full-time work shift shall be entitled to at least four (4) hours work, or four (4) hours pay if work is not available. An employee excused from work due to illness or at his/her own request shall not receive this minimum.

14.9 Employees in the classes of Food Service Worker, Senior Food Service Worker, Cook, and Building and Grounds Worker shall be put on "B" or other appropriate term appointments when the employer has reasonable reason to believe that such employees shall be employed for only the nine (9) months of the normal academic year.

14.10 Employees on "B" term or other special term appointments shall accrue and have available for use sick and vacation benefits during any period they are required to work.

14.11 Employees appointed on miscellaneous hourly appointments shall be placed on designated percentage of time appointments if they are scheduled to work fifty percent (50%) time or more for a period exceeding three (3) consecutive pay periods.

14.12 Employees who are placed on an on-call status shall be assigned work by order of seniority. Work offered and refused shall be noted.