University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 10 Seniority


10.1 Total seniority shall be the length of continuous employment with the employer.

10.2 Primary seniority for employees shall be the continuous length of time In a particular classification in an assigned first (1st) level supervisor's area.

10.3 Master seniority shall be the continuous length of time in a particular classification in the bargaining unit within an IMMEDIATE GEOGRAPHIC AREA.

10.4 Job Series Seniority shall be the continuous length of time in all classifications within an identified job classification series within a department.

10.5 The employer shall post on the Office of Human Resources web site a current master seniority roster and a current primary seniority roster every six (6) months. An electronic copy of the report will be sent to the Union and Union Stewards. The employer shall run the seniority roster at the end of the first pay period of the fiscal year and at the end of the first pay period of the calendar year.

10.6 Employees shall have thirty (30) calendar days after posting of the seniority lists to raise objections to their seniority ratings. Any employee failing to appeal/grieve the seniority data as shown on such lists within the thirty (30) calendar day period shall be considered to have confirmed the seniority as listed.

10.7 An employee receiving Workers' Compensation benefits shall continue to accrue seniority for the entire period of absence.

10.8 Employees laid off and opting to bump shall resume former classification seniority upon their re-entry into the former title provided there is no break in service.

10.9 Specific applications of seniority rights are contained in the following Articles:

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