University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources


This agreement, entered into this 27th day of August, 2012, by and between the University of Minnesota (hereinafter called the “Employer”) and the Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council (hereinafter called the “Union”), representing the Nineteen Building Trades Unions recognized by the State Bureau of Mediation, in 1981, to represent the Craft and Trades, Unit 2.


  1. Heat and Frost Insulators Local No. 34, Minneapolis, MN
  2. Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Local No. 1, Minneapolis, MN
  3. North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters & Joiners, including Millwrights, Pile Drivers, Lathers, Carpet Layers and Carpenter Local Affiliates
  4. Cement Masons Local No. 633
  5. Construction & General Laborers/Plaster Tenders Local No. 563, Minneapolis, MN
  6. I.B.E.W. Local No. 292
  7. Iron Workers Local No. 512
  8. International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 49, Minneapolis, MN
  9. Painters & Allied Trades Local No. 61, St. Paul, MN
  10. Painters & Allied Trades Local No. 386, Minneapolis, MN
  11. Pipefitters Local No. 455, St. Paul, MN
  12. Pipefitters Local No. 539, Minneapolis, MN
  13. Plasterers Local No. 265, Minneapolis, MN
  14. Plumbers Local No. 15, Minneapolis, MN
  15. Plumbers Local No. 34, St. Paul, MN
  16. Roofers & Waterproofers Local No. 96, Minneapolis, MN
  17. Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 10, Maplewood, MN
  18. Sign, Display & Screen Local No. 880, St. Paul, MN
  19. Sprinkler Fitters Local No. 417, Minneapolis, MN