University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 12 Labor/Management Responsibilities

12.1 The Employer shall direct its working forces as its sole prerogative, including but not limited to; hiring, promotion, transfer, discipline and discharge.  No rules, customs, or practices shall be permitted or observed which limit or restrict productivity of the combined or individual working efforts of the Employer.  The University shall utilize, at its sole discretion, apprentices, pre-apprentices and all other applicable classifications that are within the local labor agreements.

12.2 The parties hereto recognize the need to establish positive labor management cooperation.  Labor Management Committee(s) will be established in order to allow management and labor to exchange ideas and suggestions on such matters as scheduling, providing timely service, training, workers compensation and other matters of mutual concern.

12.3 The parties adopt the enclosed Substance Abuse Program.

12.4 The Union will ensure at the time of referral, that the referred candidate has all current, required licenses as specified by the University.

12.5 The Union or the plan administrators will provide annual updates on the status of its pension plans to the Office of Human Resources:
Labor Relations
200 Donhowe Building
319 15th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455