University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 27 Clothing Allowance and Maintenance

27.1 The Uniform (includes all uniform items specified in the Departmental Manual for Operations) and Maintenance Allowance shall be adjusted according to the following annual schedule, prior to annual Stanton Adjustments:

  • January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013 = $ 813.69

Employees working less than full time will be paid this allowance on a proportional basis. This allowance will be paid within the first two weeks of January. Employees choosing the “reimbursement method” of clothing allowance payment shall be allowed to carry over unused balance from one year to the next. In no case shall an officer’s balance exceed two times the annual clothing allowance.

Any employee who leaves the University of his/her own accord, or who is terminated for just cause, shall return to the employer the proportional amount of his/her clothing allowance for the months remaining in the calendar year.

27.2 Any clothing or uniform items specified in the Departmental manual for Operations damaged in the line of duty shall be replaced or repaired by the Employer.

Effective upon the execution date of this Agreement time pieces and eyeglasses damaged in the line of duty may be replaced or repaired according to the following terms:

Time pieces - reimbursement not exceed $100 per occurrence.

Eyeglasses - reimbursement shall be the replacement value of the eyeglass according to the following criteria:

  • All eyeglass wearers must submit to the department head designee a receipt showing the cost of their current eyeglasses. Reimbursement will be made equal to the amount of the receipt filed with the department.
  • No reimbursement will be made unless there is a written receipt in the file prior to the eyeglass damage.

Claims for damages for both time pieces and eyeglasses must be identified with a specific on-the-job incident and supplemented by a recommendation from the watch supervisor. Damages caused by accidental incidents not related to police work or damages caused by the negligence of the employee are not included in this program.