University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 19 Leaves of Absence

19.1 Any request for a leave of absence other than for vacation and sick leave shall be submitted in writing by the employee to his/her immediate supervisor. The request shall state the reason the leave of absence is being requested and the length of time off the employee desires. Authorization or denial shall be furnished in writing to the employee by his/her immediate supervisor. Any request for a leave of absence without pay of less than thirty (30) working days shall be submitted by the employee at least ten (10) working days in advance of the time the leave is requested to begin and answered in writing by the immediate supervisor not later than three (3) working days after the leave is requested. A request for a leave of absence without pay of more than thirty (30) working days shall be submitted at least fifteen (15) working days in advance of the beginning of the leave and answered in writing by the immediate supervisor not later than five (5) working days after the leave is requested.

19.2 The Employer shall grant paid leaves of absence for service on a jury, or for pre-induction examination conducted within the State by any branch of the armed forces authorized by law. Any employee who is entitled to vote at any statewide general election or at any election to fill a vacancy in the office or representatives to Congress shall be entitled to absent himself/herself from work for the purpose of voting during the forenoon of such election day without penalty or deduction from his/her salary or wages on account of such absence.

19.3 The Employer may grant leaves of absence without pay for any reasonable purpose.

19.4 For purposes of this section, the term “day” shall mean a period of eight (8) hours, regardless of the actual length of the employee’s assigned shift.

  1. A two (2) week paid parental leave of absence compensated at the employee’s current percentage appointment shall be granted to employees who are biological or adoptive parents or employees whose registered same sex domestic partners are biological or adoptive parents, when requested in conjunction with the birth or adoption of a child. The employee must have completed nine (9) consecutive months of employment at an average of twenty (20) hours or more paid work time per week. This parental leave shall not be charged against the employee’s accumulated vacation or sick leave.

    The employee must give notice of intent to use parental leave to his/her supervisor at least four (4) weeks in advance of the anticipated leave, except under unusual circumstances. The parental leave shall begin at a time requested by the employee, although the leave may not begin more than two (2) weeks prior to the due date or anticipated adoption or six (6) weeks after the birth or adoption. In cases where the child must remain in the hospital longer than the birth mother, the leave must begin not later than six (6) weeks after the child leaves the hospital. This leave must be consecutive and without interruption and must be taken during the term of appointment.

    A female biological parent may also use up to twenty (20) days of accumulated sick leave immediately following the parental leave.

  2. An unpaid leave of absence for maternity, paternity, or adoption shall be granted to an employee for a period of up to six (6) months when requested in conjunction with the birth or adoption of the child of the employee or the employee’s registered same sex domestic partner. This leave may, upon request of the employee, be extended or renewed for a period not to exceed six (6) months with Department Head approval. Employees returning from a maternity leave shall be reinstated to their original job or to a position of like status and pay.      

19.5 The University shall provide Military Leave in accordance with State and Federal law and University policy.

19.6 With the exception of medical leaves of absence, and leaves without pay for bereavement leave where the officer has no accumulated sick or vacation leave to cover the leave, time spent on an unpaid leave of absence shall not count towards an employee's seniority.

19.7 An employee who absents himself/herself for three (3) consecutive work days without an authorized leave shall be considered to have resigned. However, an employee whose resignation has been accepted under this provision may be reinstated by the Employer if the conditions warrant reinstatement.