University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 14 Overtime

14.1 Employees will be compensated at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee's regular base pay rate for hours worked in excess of the employee's regularly scheduled shift. Changes of shifts do not qualify an employee for overtime under this Article. For an employee working less than a full time schedule, overtime shall not begin until he/she has worked forty (40) hours in his/her assigned work week.

14.2 Employees shall not work overtime unless authorized to do so by the appropriate supervisor.

14.3 Voluntary overtime will be distributed as equally as practicable. Whenever necessary and possible, overtime will be posted at least five (5) days prior to special events.

14.4 Overtime may be assigned on the basis of inverse departmental seniority within a classification on a given shift.

14.5 For the purpose of computing overtime compensation, overtime hours worked shall not be pyramided, compounded or paid twice for the same hours worked. Vacation/comp time cannot be taken during an officer’s regularly scheduled shift hours for the purpose of working overtime.

14.6 Overtime will be calculated to the nearest fifteen (15) minutes.

14.7 If permitted by law, overtime may be compensated by equivalent time off. Equivalent time off must be taken at a time that is mutually agreeable between the employee and his/her supervisor. Equivalent time off owed an employee for overtime, court time and call back time, stand-by time, and holiday time must be liquidated in pay on the payroll period following the end of each calendar year. Both parties have agreed that the year end amount compensatory time shall be 200 hours. The amount will be determined as of the end of the day on December 31st. Any amount above the 200 hours shall be paid out on the pay period which includes December 31st. It is further agreed that the University of Minnesota Police Department has the right to buy back to the 24 hour level one (1) day prior to a permanent promotion of any individual employed by the University of Minnesota Police Department.