University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 10 Seniority

10.1 Total seniority shall be the length of continuous employment with the Employer and shall be used solely for the purposes of determining vacation and sick leave accrual.

10.2 Departmental seniority shall be the continuous length of time in a particular classification and in all higher classifications within the bargaining unit.

10.3 The Chief of Police shall post a departmental seniority list every six (6) months.

10.4 A reduction of work force will be accomplished on the basis of departmental seniority.

10.5 An employee being laid off retains departmental seniority in each of the bargaining unit classes in which he/she had worked. He/she may choose demotion instead of layoff if a lower level vacancy exists or if there are employees with less departmental seniority in a formerly held class. An employee refusing either of these options shall not be considered to have the status of a laid off employee for purposes of Article 10.6.

10.6 Employees shall be recalled from layoff on the basis of departmental seniority. An employee on layoff shall have an opportunity to return to work within three years of the time of his/her layoff before any new employee is hired, except that, any employee on layoff who is notified by certified mail to return to work and fails to do so within twelve (12) work days shall be considered to have voluntarily terminated employment with the employer.

10.7 Vacation periods shall be selected on the basis of departmental seniority until May 15 of each calendar year. For employees on the Duluth Campus the first week of fall semester is excluded from the primary vacation period.

10.8 Senior qualified employees shall be given shift preference, after eighteen (18) months of continuous full-time employment. Shifts will be bid in November and again in May between the 1st and the 15th of the month on the Twin Cities Campus. Bid results shall be posted at least two weeks prior to their effective date.

10.9 Senior qualified employees shall be given preference with regard to job classification assignments. Job relevant qualifications for job classification assignments will be determined by the employer.

10.10 An employee shall accumulate seniority from his/her date of hire, but it shall not be available for use until completion of the probationary period called for in Article XII.

10.11 An employee receiving Workers' Compensation benefits shall continue to accrue seniority for the entire period of absence.

10.12 Employees promoted outside of the bargaining unit who return prior to the end of the probationary period will retain seniority within the classification they served in immediately prior to the promotion.