University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 1 Purpose Of Agreement

This Agreement is entered into as of August 10, 2012, between the University of Minnesota, hereinafter called the EMPLOYER, and the Minnesota Public Employees Association, Inc., hereinafter called the UNION.

It is the intent and purpose of this Agreement to:

1.1 Assure sound and mutually beneficial working and economic relationships between the parties hereto;

1.2 Establish procedures for the resolution of disputes, concerning the Agreement's interpretation and/or application; and

1.3 Place in written form the parties’ agreement upon terms and conditions of employment for the duration of this Agreement.

The Employer and the Union, through this Agreement, shall continue their dedication to the highest quality police service and protection to the University of Minnesota. Both parties recognize this Agreement as a pledge of this dedication.

The parties further recognize that this Agreement is not intended to modify any of the discretionary authority vested in the Regents of the University of Minnesota, by Statutes of the State of Minnesota.

The parties agree that this contract shall supersede the University of Minnesota Civil Service Rules. If not covered by contract, civil service rules will prevail.