University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 31 Shop Chairperson

Section 1. In every plant there shall be at least one representative of the Union called a “Senior Shop Chairperson”. In plants where the departments are too large or are separated there may be a Senior Shop Chairperson for each department. Likewise, departments working more than one shift may have a Shop Chairperson for each shift, one of which shall be designated Senior Shop Chairperson. With respect to departments working more than one shift, the Senior Shop Chairperson within that department shall be the person representing the shift with the greater number of employees.

The Shop Chairperson designated as the Senior Shop Chairperson at the beginning of each term due to greater numbers on a shift shall continue in such capacity regardless of changes which reduce numerical representation on the shift due to temporary shift assignments, new or additional assignment of personnel to another shift, lay off, etc.

If the number of employees on each shift is of equal numbers the day shift Shop Chairperson shall be designated as the Senior Shop Chairperson. The Shop Chairperson or Shop Chairpersons shall be elected by the Workers in each plant or department, or, they may be appointed by the President of the Union if the people so desire.

Section 2. The Shop Chairperson shall represent the Union in the plant where they are employed, and shall at all times try to maintain harmonious relations between the employees, the Employer and the Union. They shall bring all disputes to the attention of the lead worker or person designated by the Employer to receive such disputes. If satisfaction of the dispute is not-accomplished, then an officer of the Local Union shall be called in.

Section 3. The Shop Chairperson shall be permitted to call shop meetings on the premises of the Employer, but such meetings cannot be held during working hours without permission of the Employer.

Section 4. The Shop Chairperson shall be permitted to collect Union dues on the Premises of the Employer, but may not do so during working hours without permission of the Employer.

Section 5. Before the discharge of a Shop Chairperson, the Employer shall notify the Union of its intention to so discharge and shall give the Union an opportunity to confer with the Employer.

Section 6. Each Senior Shop Chairperson shall be advanced to the head of their seniority list for the purpose of layoff and recall as set forth in Article 26 during the term of their tenure provided they are capable of performing the work available within their classification. The Employer shall be notified in writing of the identity of the Shop Chairperson.