University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 26 Seniority and Bumping in the Event of Layoff

Section 1. Seniority referred to herein shall be for the purpose of layoff and recall only.

Section 2. Seniority shall be established as follows:

(a) Seniority shall be departmental by job classification and for this purpose the following departments are recognized:

(1) Camera/Stripper
(2) Preflight
(3) Plate
(4) Electronic Prepress
(5) Large Press
(6) Small Press

(b) Seniority shall be established by continuous employment with the Employer in any one of the various job classifications covered by this agreement.

(c) The effective seniority date for journeypersons shall be the date of their qualification as a journeyperson employee of the Employer or their date of hire as a journeyperson, whichever date is later.

(d) The effective date for indentured apprentices shall be the date of their indenture as an apprentice employee of the Employer or their date of hire as an indentured apprentice with the Employer, whichever date is later.

(e) The effective seniority date for other employees shall be the date of hire with the Employer.

(f) Indentured apprentices shall hold seniority in the job classification from which they were promoted until such time as they complete all of the requirements of their apprenticeship term and shall then take their seniority status as a journeyperson in the job classification in which they were indentured as of the date their apprenticeship term is completed.

Section 3. Employees shall cease to hold seniority for any one of the following reasons:

(a) Voluntary resignation.

(b) Discharge for just cause.

(c) Failure to report for work after the expiration date of an approved leave of absence.

(d) Failure to report for work when recalled during a layoff within 9 working days, except in case of illness.

Section 4. Should layoffs because of lack of work become necessary, such layoffs shall be accomplished by laying off first the employee with the least seniority in the job classification and department where such layoffs occur; additional layoffs to be accomplished by laying off the employee with the next least seniority, etc. An apprentice within the ratio who has an earlier date of hiring as an apprentice than a journeyperson shall hold seniority for the purpose of determining the order of layoff. Employees recalled for work after such layoffs shall be rehired in reverse of the foregoing by first employing the last employee laid off. The foregoing shall govern in all cases except when a noticeable marked degree of disparity exists with respect to ability, qualifications and skill in the classification involved.

Section 5. Employees classified as helpers shall be given a preference over new employees for promotion in all departments, provided said helpers have established or demonstrated aptitude for promotion.

Section 6. Employees who have been promoted into supervisory positions shall retain seniority in the job classification last occupied prior to such promotion and shall continue to earn and use seniority in that classification.

Section 7. Any employee who serves in the armed forces under the provisions of the Military Selective Service Act of 1967, as amended, shall have their effective seniority date adjusted in accordance with the following formula:

(a) An indentured employee whose apprenticeship is interrupted by Military Service shall, upon completion of their apprenticeship, receive as their journeyperson’s effective seniority date, that date on which they would presumably have become a journeyperson had their employment been without interruption.

(b) Any employee whose employment is interrupted by Military Service and who would have otherwise been promoted to a higher rated classification shall upon their return be promoted with the restoration of the seniority they would have otherwise obtained. Service in the Merchant Marine during a national emergency shall be considered Military Service, as relates to this provision.

Section 8. Should any question arise with respect to the service qualification of a journeyperson, such question shall be referred to the Twin City Joint Graphic Arts Apprenticeship Committee. Any determination made by that Committee including any adjustment in the effective seniority date of the journeyperson, whose apprenticeship service qualifications have been challenged, shall be final and binding on the parties of this agreement.

This article can be amended by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Union relative to the layoff of employees and the process of bumping into the lower classification when qualified. Such amendment, if any, must be accomplished by January 1, 1986.