University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 25 Division of Work

Section 1. In the event of a lack of work in any department, making it necessary to operate with less personnel, the Employer may divide the available work among the employees in the same job classification who have worked for the Employer one (l) year or more provided employees agree and with the approval of the Union.

If the Employer wants to continue division of work, the parties agree to meet and confer on a periodic basis during division of work to determine whether to continue and, if continued, the method and manner to be followed. In no event may division of work extend beyond six weeks in a contract year without specific agreement of the Union.

At the conclusion of division of work and if there is insufficient work to provide full time schedules for the employees, the Employer will go to direct layoff.

Section 2. When there is to be a change in the schedule of days or shifts, any employee affected shall be notified of such a change and there shall be at least one shift worked by said employee following the day of notification unless the employee affected agrees otherwise.

Section 3. When either reducing the work force directly or going through a division of work first and then reducing the work force, the procedure of layoff shall be as outlined below, within the applicable provisions of Article 7, Section 11 (Temporary Relief) and Article 26 (Seniority).

(a) General workers in accordance with their date of hire.

(b) All permit employees shall revert to their original classification, providing they hold seniority within the company due to placement on a permit basis from their prior classification from within the Company. Permit personnel not promoted from within shall be laid off in accordance with the applicable terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

(c) All apprentices in a like classification may elect to return to their previous classification, provided they were promoted within the Company or accept a layoff.

(d) All apprentices except as provided in Article 26, Seniority, Section 4 (apprentices within the ratio who have an earlier date of hire or an applicable apprenticeship agreement).

(f) Journeypersons.

Employees so laid off will be recalled when work is available in the reverse order.

Section 4. (a) The Employer shall utilize paid layoff days during the division of work, if division of work is used. Employees shall not be required to use vacation days as layoff.

(b) Employees with time in the industry as defined in this Section may be assigned vacation days if they have not scheduled or used their remaining vacation by March 1 of any year as provided for in Article 18, Section (2d), Vacation.