University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 21 Health and Welfare

Section 1. The Employer agrees to contribute to the jointly administered Graphic Communications International Union Upper Midwest Local 1-B Health & Welfare Fund A(hereinafter “the Fund”) specified as set forth in Section 5 for each eligible employee covered by this agreement. Such contributions shall be divided between the Employer and the Employee as outline in Section 5 of this article. The contributions are to be used to provide eligible employees and their dependents with health and welfare benefits as determined by the Fund.

Section 2. The parties hereto agree to be bound by the Agreement and Declaration of Trust establishing the fund, together with any amendments thereto and rules and regulations established by the Trustees, and any amendments thereto and the parties hereby designate as their representatives on the Board of Trustees, such trustees as are named, together with any successors who may be appointed pursuant to said Agreement and Declaration of Trust of the Fund.

Section 3. The trustees shall establish the plan or plans of benefits to be provided by this Fund. The Trustees shall establish the necessary contribution level that will support the plan of benefits being provided by the Fund.

Section 4. The monthly contribution amount may be changed from time to time by majority vote of the Trustees of the Fund. Any change in such contribution amount shall be effective the first day of the month specified by the Trustees in a written notice to the Employer. Trustees shall provide the company with at least thirty (30) days notice of any change in contribution. Contributions shall be paid to the fund no later than ten (10) days after the period for which the contribution is due. The Employer will remit one check, covering both the company portion and employee portion, if any, of the contribution to the Fund office. It is further understood that the total liability of the Employer under the Health and Welfare Plan referred to this Article are the amounts as stated in Article 21 Section 5.

Section 5. The monthly contribution to the Health and Welfare Fund will be divided as follows between the Employer and the employee:

(a) Effective, January 1, 2014, the employer contribution to these funds shall be $920.00 per month for each employee. Funding in excess of these amounts will be shared equally by the employee and the employer up to a maximum employer contribution of $60.00 per month. In addition the employer will pay $41.67 towards the HRA per month.

(b) The dollar amounts set forth above shall be the only liability of the Employer with respect to this paragraph of this agreement.

(c) As long as the Internal Revenue Code permits before-tax contributions for medical plans, the Employer will implement and operate a Section 125 plan which will permit employees to pay their portion of the health and welfare contribution, if any, with pre-tax dollars.

(d) The contributions set forth above are taken subject to the provisions of the Trust and the rules and Regulations of the Trustees.

Section 6. Experienced employees hired in the first five (5) working days of a given month will be eligible immediately. Contributions for new inexperienced help shall commence on the first regular work day of the month nearest the completion of the first three (3) months of employment. “Experienced employee” for this purpose means any employee who has worked in bargaining unit employment for at least thirty (30) days.