University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 2 Jurisdiction

Section 1. All University of Minnesota Printing Services employees, as defined by the Public Employment Labor Relations Act, Minn. Stat. Sec. 179A.03, subd. 14 (1987), as amended from time to time, of the Employer performing the following work shall be covered by the terms of this contract.

All production work, processes and operations directly associated or related to Letterpress and Offset Lithography (including dry or wet) Photoengraving, Intaglio, Gravure, or otherwise producing images of all kinds or any other purpose including without limitation any technological or other change evolution of or substitution for any work process or operation now or hereafter utilized in any of the methods described above. Only members of the bargaining unit shall perform work under the jurisdiction of the Union. Any work performed by other bargaining units in conjunction with bargaining unit members will be limited only to the letter of understanding agreed to by both parties.

Section 2. The process described in Section 1 above shall include without limitations all operations of the process pertaining to the production of Photoengraving plates, plates for Offset, and Gravure cylinders and plates of any substance or material from copy or from originals and/or subjects when furnished in lieu of copy up to the finished project.

Section 3. All material to be reproduced for printing purposes shall serve as copy for the camera to be processed and completed under present or future operations by employees covered by this contract.

Section 4. The terms “work, production work, equipment or process” as used in any article of this agreement shall be construed as that work or process, or processes as described in Article 2.