University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 19 Leave of Absence

Section 1. Members of the Union will be granted leave of absence without pay to attend Union business, International Conventions, State affiliated body conventions, conferences and other Union functions, provided that not more than one member shall be granted such leave of absence from any one job classification or department at any one time.

Section 2. Any member of the Union who becomes an elected or appointed official of the Local or of the International Union, or any of its affiliates, or is hired by same as a representative, or other employee, shall be granted upon written request a leave of absence for the term of tenure without pay, not to exceed five (5) years.

Section 3. Any employee becoming sick and hence incapable of working shall have an automatic leave of absence not in excess of three years. Anyone inducted into the military service of the United States shall be granted a leave of absence pursuant to applicable State and Federal Laws.

Section 4. If mutually agreeable with the Employer and the Union, the employee may be given a leave of absence for their convenience not in excess of ninety days, provided it is reduced to writing and the copy filed with the Union.

Section 5. Jury Duty: When an employee receives notice of Jury Duty they shall notify their supervisor at once. They will be given leave for such Jury Duty and will be made whole for loss of pay during that period. They will report for work whenever their Jury Duty does not conflict provided, however, they will not be required to work later than 6:00 P.M. on any day they were requested to report for Jury Duty. Any reasonable rearrangement of work hours and including re-shifting of other employees for that purpose will be made. In making the employee whole, their wage will be computed as if they had worked on the first shift at straight time for 8 hours and be paid in full therefor, minus the amount evidenced by their Jury check, excluding mileage allowance.

In no event shall Jury allowance be made in any one year to an employee for over two weeks of service; provided, however, that an employee who is assigned to a trial to continue beyond the two weeks of such service may continue without loss of wages (provided the employee complies with the other provisions of this section), until the end of the trial assignment, but in no event longer than five additional work days. Whenever considered necessary by the Employer because of the needs of the business at a particular time or the difficulty of substitution for the particular employee, said employee will cooperate with the Employer in requesting and obtaining a postponement of said Jury Duty.

Section 6. Public Service: Any employee elected to full time public office or appointed to a full time public office not under Civil Service shall be granted a leave of absence without pay upon their written request. Such leave will be renewed for each successive term for which such employee is re-elected or re-appointed. This provision covers employees elected to the state Legislature but shall not include indiscriminate and unpredictable absences in the discharge of duties as part time officials of local government and the like.

Section 7. Should a death occur in the immediate family non-probationary employees will be granted up to three (3) consecutive work days immediately preceding, including, or immediately following the funeral. All bereavement pay shall be at eight (8) hours straight time.

(a) “Immediate family” shall mean the employee’s spouse, children, father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents, father-in-law, and mother-in-law.