University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 13 Electronic Prepress

Section 1. The Union and the Employer recognize the need to work together to utilize and integrate changing technology in pre-press. The parties agree to develop effective systems and network appropriate hardware and software for use in the Electronic Prepress department and Graphic Design. Prep employees will be supplied with computer program tutorials and access to a computer which they may utilize during non work time to learn programs for potential advancement into the prepress area or the Employer may schedule training during work time as needed. The Employer will give consideration for assignment of trainees to the Electronic Prepress area based on the knowledge and experience in software programs.

Section 2. Trainees

(a) Any employee who is assigned as a trainee in the Electronic Prepress area will continue to earn seniority in their existing classification, but will be reclassified to Electronic Prepress operator at the successful completion of a training program which may not exceed one year. The Employer may end the training program at any time. It is understood that the assignment to the Electronic Prepress Department may include a temporary adjustment of shifts for senior Electronic Prepress operators, while training of new employees takes place.

(b) Trainees shall attend classes related to prepress skills and knowledge.

(c) Employees from outside the Company and/or Union shall serve training terms as mutually agreed to by both parties.

Section 3. The Graphic Design department will have access to scanning equipment for design or photo illustration purposes. Electronic Prepress department will have jurisdiction over high resolution digital input and output devices used for production.

Section 4. The Electronic Prepress department will scan and save as digital images halftones, line art and process color separations that may be produced internally.

Section 5. The Electronic Prepress department will process both post script and desktop publishing files. Manipulation of desktop files may include but not be limited to trapping, masking, outlining, placement of halftone or line art and the creation of screens or reverses. It is further understood that masking, outlining, placement of halftone or line art and screens or reverses may be incorporated into the supplied postscript or desktop file as a part of the creative or keylining process.

Section 6. In emergency situations, when there is no qualified Union Journeyperson available, non union personnel as designated by the Employer may run equipment as needed on live jobs. The Employer will notify the Union steward within 24 hours from the start of an emergency situation.