University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 11 Staffing of Press

The applicable staffing of current equipment is attached as Exhibit A.

As new equipment is purchased, including additional replacement or upgrade of existing equipment, the Employer may implement staffing which the manufacturing specifications of the new equipment suggest and/or which the Employer deems reasonable. After 120 days of operation with new or changed manning, it will be evaluated by a staffing committee made up of Employer and Union representatives.

Where adequate floor help is provided in the staffing provisions of the addendum, if the Union or the employees believe that adequate floor help is not being furnished, the Employer will, upon request, meet with representatives of the Union and with employees to discuss the matter. If, within 30 days after the meeting, the issue is not resolved, the matter may then be grieved and submitted to the grievance and arbitration provisions set forth in Article 30 of this contract.