University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Contracts and Governing Documents

Office of Human Resources Policies are administrative policies which provide the rules and guidelines for implementing many of the Board of Regents policies found below.

Policy Title Employee Group(s) Covered
Graduate Assistant Employment Graduate Assistants
Holding the Title of Faculty Emeriti Faculty (excluding UEA)
Implementing the Individual Business or Financial Conflict of Interest Regents Policy Faculty, P&A
Modifying Appointments of Academic Professional and Academic Administrative Employees for Financial Stringency P&A
Outside Consulting and Other Commitments Faculty, P&A
Postdoctoral Appointments Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows
Student Employment Undergraduate Students
Rules Employee Group(s) Covered
Civil Service Employment Rules Civil Service
Contract Employee Group(s) Covered
Broadcast Technicians Contract Broadcast Technicians
Printers Contract Printers
Minnesota Public Employees Association (MPEA) Contract University of Minnesota Police
Unit 2 Crafts and Trades Building Trades Unit 2
Unit 3 Teamsters Contract Teamsters Unit 3
Unit 4 AFSCME Health Care Contract AFSCME Unit 4
Unit 6 AFSCME Clerical & Office Contract AFSCME Unit 6
Unit 7 AFSCME Technical Contract AFSCME Unit 7
Unit 9 University Education Association Contract UEA Unit 9

Employee & Labor Relations

For assistance with interpreting bargaining unit contracts, or to find a seniority roster, contact the Employee and Labor Relations division.

Board of Regents Policies

The policies of the Board of Regents are umbrella policies that provide the framework under which the administration is responsible for implementation of and compliance with the intent of the board policy.

Board of Regents policies are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.