University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Rule 9 Performance Appraisal

9.1 Plan

The Vice President shall be responsible for developing and administering a performance appraisal plan. The plan shall be implemented after consultation with and input from the Consultative Committee and other appropriate University personnel. Use of alternate plans must be approved by the Vice President after consultation with and input from the Consultative Committee (refer also to Rule 7.4 Probationary Appraisal).

9.2 Frequency of Appraisals

9.2.1 Performance appraisals for all Civil Service employees shall be submitted at least once each year. Within this framework, the Vice President shall establish the frequency with which appraisals shall be submitted.

9.2.2 Employees shall be evaluated by their supervisors. Reviews by employee's peers and/or subordinates may be combined with the supervisory review if it is done in accordance with an approved performance appraisal plan in use by the employee's administrative unit.

9.2.3 The original performance appraisal shall be placed in the employee's official personnel file. Employees have the right to review their official personnel files upon request (Rule 65).

9.3 Employee Review of Appraisals

9.3.1 Supervisors are to provide to each employee an annual written assessment of performance. The review is to include performance strengths and key areas for improvement. Supervisors are expected to support employees in efforts to improve.

9.3.2 Each employee has the right to add written comments regarding their review on the performance appraisal form, at the time of the initial review and when any changes are made to the form. The employee's signature on the performance appraisal form signifies that the performance appraisal has been reviewed with the employee, but does not signify that the employee agrees with the appraisal.

9.3.3 Each employee shall have the right to see any changes, deletions, or additions to the performance appraisal made by their supervisor, or other appropriate responsible administrator. Such changes shall be discussed with the employee.