University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Rule 3 Civil Service Consultative Committee, Human Resources, University Administration

3.1 Civil Service Governance

In accordance with the governing documents of the Civil Service Senate, there shall be a Civil Service Consultative Committee having specific powers and duties with respect to these Rules.

3.2 Powers and Duties of the Civil Service Consultative Committee with respect to these Rules

The Civil Service Consultative Committee shall:
3.2.1 review, conduct public hearings, and present recommendations to the President regarding Civil Service Rules, in accordance with Rule 1.3;

3.2.2 act as an appeals board in all cases involving supervisors or employees appealing decisions made by the Vice President in accordance with Rules 4, Position Classification Plan; and 5, Compensation System; Appeals shall be handled by panels consisting of at least three Consultative Committee members and/or alternates.

3.2.3 make investigations at the request of the Board of Regents, the President, the Vice President, Civil Service staff, or on its own initiative concerning personnel administration in University Civil Service;

3.2.4 interpret the intent or meaning of the Rules in cases of questions or dispute;

3.2.5 act as consultants to the Vice President in developing performance appraisal plans (Rule 9.1);

3.2.6 review the creation of new and elimination of obsolete job classifications (Rule 4);

3.2.7 review and approve proposed changes to the compensation plan (Rule 5.1);

3.2.8 review proposed changes in any salary range that are requested by the Vice President (Rule 5.2);

3.2.9 appoint civil service representatives to the Conflict Resolution Advisory Committee, and nominate civil service employees for selection to serve on the Hearing Officer Roster and the Panelist Roster (Rule 14);

3.2.10 appoint civil service representatives to other University committees and task forces as requested by the President; and

3.2.11 perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the President or these Rules.

3.3 Role of the Vice President for Human Resources with respect to these Rules

The Vice President or designee shall:
3.3.1 consult with the President on proposed rule amendments (Rule 1.3.6);

3.3.2 maintain the civil service job classification system (Rules 4.4.1 and 4.4.2);

3.3.3 prepare, consult with the Consultative Committee, and obtain approval of the President for a compensation plan (Rule 5.1);

3.3.4 determine salary range changes (Rule 5.2.1);

3.3.5 establish compensation policies (Rule 5.3);

3.3.6 determine the forms and manner for applications for civil service positions (Rule 6.4);

3.3.7 prescribe and maintain the application system for civil service positions (Rule 6.5);

3.3.8 approve certain probationary period requirements (Rule 7.2.2) and determine and publish probationary periods for job classifications (Rule 7.2.3); and

3.3.9 develop and administer a performance appraisal plan (Rule 9.1).

3.4 Powers and Duties of Responsible University Administrators and Supervisors with respect to these Rules

Responsible administrators and supervisors (see “Definitions”) shall administer the policies and procedures referenced in these Civil Service Rules and exercise all rights (unless denied them or otherwise prohibited by these Rules) inherent in the management process with respect to the supervision of employees.