University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Rule 15 Health and Safety and MERTKA

15.1 At the time of hire or re-employment, employees shall be informed by their supervisors of the Minnesota Employees Right-To-Know Act (MERTKA), regarding potentially hazardous substances or situations encountered in the workplace.

15.2 Administrative units are responsible for providing and maintaining work areas that meet the health and safety standards required by State and Federal law. Each administrative unit should have a designated safety coordinator to be the unit liaison with the University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Supervisors shall take steps for the safety of employees within the work area.

15.3 Employees shall report health and safety concerns and problems to their supervisors. Supervisors must respond promptly to the concerns and/or problems until such time as the problem is resolved. Supervisors should consult with their unit safety coordinator to determine if there is a need to make use of the services of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety Services. These services include such items as fire safety evaluations, measurement of noise and radiation levels, and analysis of biological, chemical, and all other hazards.

15.4 Employees shall immediately report on-the-job accidents and injuries to their supervisors. The supervisor shall take appropriate steps to insure that the employee's injury is not further aggravated and to enable the employee to obtain care for the injury. This may include the provision of first aid services, medical services, ambulance services, or transportation to a hospital or it may require taking or sending the employee home. The supervisor shall report these incidents, whether or not injury resulted, to the administrative unit and submit an accident report (First Report of Injury) to the Workers Compensation Office.

15.5 Additional information and policies regarding health and safety are available from the Office of Human Resources and other appropriate University administrative units.

15.6 Insurance and Workers Compensation

The University of Minnesota shall offer insurance coverage that includes, but is not limited to: group life, health, medical, workers compensation, and dental benefits. Contact Employee Benefits for additional information.