University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

VIII. Hours of Work

The full-time work week shall be 40 hours of work per seven-day work week. The usual work day shall consist of 8 ½ consecutive hours, including an unpaid meal period of ½ hour.

Upon request by the Employee, the Employer will attempt to schedule work days of eight (8) consecutive hours, including a single thirty (30) minute rest period, as the work assignment of that Employee will allow. Any Employee on an 8 hour schedule may be reassigned to the eight and one-half (8 ½) hour work day only as changes in work requirements make necessary.

Whenever possible the 40 hours shall be consecutive work days with two or more consecutive days off; however, administrators and supervisors may reschedule work time as necessary. Work schedules will be posted at least one week in advance. Changes in the posted schedule may be made by supervisors but, with the exception of emergencies, work hours that would fall beyond originally scheduled hours would receive premium pay of time and one-half.

Scheduled unpaid meal periods interrupting a work shift shall be not less than 30 minutes nor more than one hour in length. Scheduling of lunch periods shall usually include an unpaid meal period of at least 30 minutes. If a shift is extended to more than eight hours of work, additional or longer meal periods should be implemented, if warranted.

Employees are entitled to and shall be granted two 15-minute paid rest periods during each eight hours of work. Scheduling of rest periods will be made at the supervisor’s discretion. Paid rest periods are not cumulative from one day to the next. Rest periods for employees working regularly scheduled long shifts (between 8 and 12 hours) should be extended proportionally.

Split shifts shall be avoided whenever possible. No split shift shall extend the working hours of an employee to more than 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

In emergency situations, two eight-hour shifts may occasionally be scheduled in a 24-hour period.