University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

XVI. Probationary Period and Orientation

Section 1. Intent of Probation.

The probationary period shall be regarded as an integral part of the selection process for appointment to any position in which the assigned work time is at least 50 percent of full time and of a continuing nature. The supervisor shall use the probationary period to closely observe the employee’s work; to help the new employee adjust to the position; and to reject any employee whose performance does not meet required standards.

Section 2. Application of Probationary Period.

A probationary period of employment shall be designated for each class of work; shall be served by every employee hired in any continuing position to work 50 percent time or more, regardless of whether such employment occurs as an original appointment, promotion, transfer, demotion, reclassification or re-employment following reinstatement after resignation and shall be successfully completed before the employee can be given a continuing appointment to the position.

The length of the probationary period is 150 calendar days for classifications covered by this Agreement.

Section 3. Termination of Employment During Probationary Period.

If the department head or immediate supervisor determines during the probationary period that the employee’s appointment will not continue, the employee’s appointment shall not be continued. Just cause is not required for termination of a probationary appointment. Such termination is not grievable except under the discrimination clause.

An employee who is being terminated during the probationary period but held a prior position shall have the right to return to the prior position within 10 work days after notifying the department head in charge of the former position, provided the employee:

  1. has successfully completed the probationary period for the prior position; and
  2. was promoted or transferred from the prior position; and
  3. notifies the prior department head by the termination date of the currently held probationary position of the intent to return to the prior position.
  4. The position was in a classification covered by this agreement.

The prior position referred to is the position an employee last held before being promoted or transferred to the position requiring the probationary period.

If an employee’s prior position no longer exists (has been abolished or reclassified), the employee may notify the prior department head, by the termination date of the probationary position, of intent to be placed on the layoff list. If the prior position was a temporary position, there will be no right of return or right of placement on the layoff list.

A probationary employee who is discharged from the University for disciplinary reasons shall forfeit all rights to return to any prior position or to the layoff list.