University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Undergraduate Bullying Prevention Initiative

Coalition for a Respectful U

Overview of the Project

Bullying takes many shapes and forms from personal comments and threats to anonymous online posts and vandalism. While these activities may conflict with the University’s Student Conduct Code, incidents that cannot be clearly labeled assault or harassment represent “gray areas.” Units and departments are often left without clear guidance on what to do in such situations.

With this project, we propose to analyze the forms and incidence of bullying among U students, identify institutional gaps in addressing the problem, and recommend a comprehensive approach to dealing with incidents of bullying. Bullying can be a precursor to harassment or assault, and that through effective prevention or early intervention strategies, we have an opportunity to not only improve the student experience, but also possibly prevent other forms of interpersonal violence.

Project Team

Team Members

Susan Andre
Design Lead
Academic and Informational Technology, College of Education and Human Development
Mentor: Ben Johnson

Chad Ellsworth
Program Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Office for Student Affairs
Mentor: Laura Bloomberg

Emily Saunoi-Sandgren
Research Fellow
Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Mentor: Catherine Jordan

Jamie Spanks
Development Officer
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Mentor: Peg Lonnquist

Stephanie Xenos
Assistant Director, Communications
College of Biological Sciences
Mentor: Christopher James