University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Positioning Rochester: Identifying Elements That Will Influence and Impact the P

Sponsor: David Carl, Provost, University of Minnesota, Rochester

Overall Objective

To develop a brand position for the University of Minnesota Rochester that fits within the University of Minnesota system?s overall brand identity. The University of Minnesota-Rochester brand position must support all elements of the University?s regional presence in Southeastern (SE) Minnesota and provide groundwork for the establishment of branding and marketing efforts among all University units operating in the region.

Specific Objectives

  • Determine the current state of understanding by internal and external constituents of the multiple University elements operating in SE Minnesota.
  • Determine the expectations for University growth in SE Minnesota and for the overall attitude towards growth of the University throughout the state by opinion leaders and internal constituents.
  • Determine internal concerns about University expansion or the development of a SE Minnesota positioning effort for all University entities in the region.
  • Determine local awareness of University presence and reach in SE Minnesota.
  • Identify how SE Minnesota University entities relate to the overall University of Minnesota strategic position effort.
  • Recommend a unique positioning statement that encompasses all University of Minnesota operations in SE Minnesota and fits within the University system?s brand identity.


  • Attain opinion leader information through an expansion of the annual University polling related to the strategic position effort
  • Interviews and focus groups with top University leadership, leadership from major units throughout the system, and with SE Minnesota internal constituents will provide additional information

Specific PEL Project Tasks May Include

    Specific PEL project tasks may include:
  • Research and outline potential questions for quantitative and qualitative portions of the research
  • Organize and conduct interviews and focus groups with University leadership
  • Compile and present results, identify current issues impacting SE Minnesota, determine the potential for a unique all encompassing positioning statement for SE Minnesota and recommend a positioning effort for SE Minnesota

Team Members

Tricia Conway
Associate Administrator
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
Coach: Jennifer Cieslak

Ann E. Hagen
Senior Administrative Director
Law School Institutes
Coach: Laurie McLaughlin

Andrew Hill
Project Manager
Office of Information Technology
Coach: Terry Bock

Caitrin Mullan
Coach: Claire Walter Marchetti

Jeremy G. Todd
Classroom Planner/Project Coordinator
Office of Classroom Management
Coach: Jeffrey Klausner