University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

People's Task Force PEL Project Focusing on Performance Management and Career Mo

Sponsor: Carol Carrier


To make the University of Minnesota competitive as one of the top three public research university in the world by investing in its human capital.

Preliminary Understanding of Business Need

This project is to cast some light on what the University is actually doing with respect to Performance Management and Career Mobility in an attempt to change the culture of recruitment, retention, development, assessment, and management of University of Minnesota employees and align it with the University's mission to be conscious of and responsive to the needs of the many communities it is committed to serving (e.g. Performance Management) and to inspire, set high expectations for, and empower individuals within its community (e.g. Career Mobility).

Definition of Terms

We have chosen a re-conceptualization of the term performance management to include career mobility.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a managerial process that includes managing, planning and improving employee performance toward the development of the employee to serve both the individual and the organization.


  • To inventory current Performance Management policies, practices and systems currently in place at the University.
  • To assess how University policies are followed (implemented) by colleges, departments and units.
  • To develop performance management and career mobility best practices internally and externally.
  • To identify roadblocks to implementing a new performance management system
  • To recommend a set of guiding principles that provide a framework for the development of a system assess performance and develop employee talent.

Preliminary Statement of Work

The PEL People Project will deliver a final report on Performance Management and Career Mobility, as is currently being administered throughout the University of Minnesota. Provide models and examples of best practices used at the University within Colleges and Business units as well as external organizations that have accomplished a successful transformation implementing a Performance Management and Career Mobility system.

Team Members

Gina Baas
Manager, Outreach & Education Services, Center for Transportation Studies
Coach: Jan Morlock

Tim Hoaglund
Facilities Operation and Project Coordinator, Housing and Residential Life
Coach: Amelious Whyte

Kathryn Johnson
Associate Administrator
Graduate School, Diversity Office
Coach: Chuck Muscoplat

Teika Pakalns
Senior Licensing Associate, Patents & Technology Marketing
Coach: Barbara Brandt

Jan Williams
Communications Director, College of Vet Med - Administration
Coach: Jeanne Markell