University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs: Establishing a Vision for the Fut

The goal of the project is to develop assessment instruments and collect data across the University System in support of the program assessment and strategic planning process in which the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs is currently engaged. The data collected will be utilized in the program review process and will inform the future direction of the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs through its' strategic plan.

Strategic questions for the President's Emerging Leaders Project include:

  • What is the perceived role of the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs (OMAA) at the University of Minnesota?
  • What role should OMAA play at the University?
  • Who are OMAA's constituencies?
  • How can OMAA best serve its constituencies?
  • What multicultural affairs structure best serves the needs of the University?
  • What is the most effective relationship between OMAA, and the collegiate/service units and coordinate campuses?

Team Members

Kate Martin
Assistant Program Director, Center for Teaching Learning Services
Coach: Gerry Rinehart

Christopher James
Communications Director, University Libraries
Coach: Lyndell King

Richard Portnoy
Division Administrator, Epidemiology
Coach: Shirley Baugher

Jennifer Reckner
Associate Administrator, Dept. of Speech and Hearing
Coach: Jean Quam