University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Intercultural Competence

Andrew Furco, Office for Public Engagement
Kris Lockhart, Office for Equity and Diversity
Meredith McQuaid, Global Programs & Strategy Alliance

Overview of the Project

The University is a microcosm of the rest of the world and cross-cultural issues permeate much of the work in which faculty, students, and staff are engaged. The process of re-imagining the University’s work on issues concerning equity, multiculturalism, and diversity requires a willingness to develop and implement new ways of thinking and operating.

Project Goal

The PEL project team will formulate a working definition of intercultural competency for the University and, then, proceed to gather data by which to assess both the University’s intercultural competency and its readiness to embrace the notion of further developing its competency. Using the data gathered from the constituents, we will assist the Intercultural Competence Work Group (ICWG) by providing a University community definition of intercultural competence and make recommendations for future system-wide policies and processes.

Project Team

Team Members

Vikki Auzenne
Information Technology Manager
Academic Support Resources
Mentor: Bernie Gulachek

Jayne Blodgett
Metadata and Technical Services Coordinator
Briggs Library (UM Morris)
Mentor: Jennifer Reckner

Alison Blomster
Public Relations Representative
U Card Office
Mentor: LeeAnn Melin

Maureen Long
Associate Administrator for Educational Services & Communications
Technological Leadership Institute (TLI)
Mentor: Jennifer Engler

Michael McDaniel
Financial Analyst
Mentor: Jeff Ogden