University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Human Resources Leadership Development

Leadership and management development is at a critical point at the University. New technologies, such as learning management systems and online learning, provide us the opportunity to influence the entire system and create culture change on a level that has not been possible in the past.

The University needs to develop a strategic vision against which a wide variety of management development projects can be framed and implemented. We also need to build communication frameworks across multiple units to ensure that all parties are moving toward the same goals.

Strategic questions for the President's Emerging Leaders Project include:

  • What is effective leadership for the University community?
  • How do the University's administrative stakeholders define effective leadership?
  • How is this vision reflected in the University culture?
  • What development strategies need to be in place to strengthen and/or transform the University culture to make sure it's aligned with the vision of effective leadership? How can we leverage new technologies to facilitate leadership development?
  • As new initiatives more forward, what are the overarching goals and priorities to for leadership development and culture change? How are these priorities defined?

Team Members

Dave Dorman
Health Educator, Boynton Health Service
Coach: Mary Nichols

Ruthann Manlet
Building Services Training Manager, Facilities Management
Coach: Susan Rafferty

Steven Pearthree
Assistant to the Dept Head, Family Social Science
Coach: David Taylor

Kathryn Stuckert
Assistant to the Vice President, Office of the President
Coach: Meredith McQuaid

Etty DeVeaux Westergaard
Assistant to the Dean, Graduate School
Coach: Kathy O'Brien