University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Graduate School Communications

Henning Schroeder, vice provost of Graduate Education and Dean
Belinda Cheung, associate to the Vice Provost and Dean

Overview of the Project

The University of Minnesota is transitioning to a less centralized approach to graduate education. A number of administrative processes that have historically been performed by the Graduate School are shifting to either the Dean’s or the Director of Graduate Studies’ offices. During this transition period, a communication plan is needed to communicate these changes to various stakeholders in order to ensure that all needed functions are being performed. There will be a need both for the Graduate School to communicate with stakeholders and for stakeholders to communicate with the Graduate School.

To assist the Graduate School Transition Team in effectively managing this transition we will identify key internal stakeholders and conduct a stakeholder analysis to determine the type of information needed as well as the preferred means of communication between the Graduate School and these stakeholders. Effective management of this transition will ensure that the University will continue to provide excellent graduate education.

Project Team

Team Members

Erik Dussault
Assistant Director, Student Services
Student Unions and Activities
Mentor: Tim Busse

Eric Eklund
Information Technology Professional
Disability Services
Mentor: Rich Portnoy

Jennifer Germain
Communications Coordinator
Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
Mentor: Lori Engstrom

Christina Petersen
Assistant Education Specialist
Center for Teaching and Learning, Office of Human Resources
Mentor: Barbara Brandt

Lisa Rogers
Research Coordinator
Surgical Administrative Center
Mentor: Mary Nichols