University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Enterprise Financial System: Business Process Improvement

The President's Emerging Leaders, under the direction of the Controller's Office and the Enterprise Finance System Project Manager, will lead a project to create a master list of target opportunities for business process improvement. In addition, the PEL team will help facilitate the process of determining the feasibility, prioritization, and potential timing of business process improvements.

Specific strategic questions for the President's Emerging Leaders Project include:

  • In what areas of financial policies, procedures, and tools are there the greatest stated needs from both the customer and business process owner perspective?
  • Where can implementing these suggestions improve customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, or reduce risk to the institution?
  • To what degree does the list of business process suggestions reflect missing functionality of current systems? Or, to what degree does the list of business process suggestions reflect a greater need for education/training of tools or processes that currently exist?

Team Members

Susan Cable
Coordinator, Office of Human Resources
Coach: Esam El-Fakahany

Linda Kinnear
Assistant to the Dean, College of Liberal Arts, UMD
Coach: Gail Klatt

Brent Opall
Academic Advisor, CSOM Undergraduate Studies Office
Coach: Carl Brandt