University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Administrative Services Task Force: Electronic Communications with Students

Sponsor: Jerry Rinehart

Project Business Case

Email is the official communication vehicle between the University and its students. Effective communication enhances the student experience, facilitates learning, and provides timely opportunities for students to participate in civic engagement. Consequently it is vital that students receive, read, and act on information from the University. There is a perception that students disregard University emails because of the high volume of University emails. The goal of this project is to assess the current situation surrounding University electronic communications with students and recommend solutions to the problems we identify.

Project Scope Definition

In Scope

  • Email to students
    • "Central" email to students, i.e., Registrar's Office, SAR
    • Departmental email to students, i.e., Parking and Transportation, UDS
    • Program Office email to students, i.e., Office of University Women, Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs, Student Activities Office
    • College specific emails to students, i.e., Deans, professors, TAs
    • Student Organization email to students, i.e., Queer Student Cultural Center, Greek organizations, Radio K
    • Other non-University partners, i.e., Minnesota International Student Association
  • Evaluation of other forms of electronic communication
  • Student perceptions of relevance of email they currently receive

Out of Scope

  • Coordinate Campuses
  • Specific email tools
  • Emails to staff and faculty
  • Services not specifically listed as In Scope

Team Members

Renee Fawcett
Business Analyst, Office of Information Technology
Coach: Joe Kelly

Beth Koepke
IT Project Manager, Facilities Management
Coach: Gail Klatt

Heather Powell
Application Systems Manager, U Card Office
Coach: Claire Walter-Marchetti

Bob Utke
Coordinator of Clinical Experiences
Student and Professional Services
Coach: Jerry Rinehart

Maria Vuldjeva
Program Associate, International Education Office
U of M-Duluth
Coach: Lynn C. Anderson