University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Developing a Roadmap for the Implementation of Disruptive Innovation

Andrew Hill, Office of Information Technology
Eric Schnell, Office of Equity and Diversity

Overview of the Project

In a higher education context, “Disruptive Innovation” is a product or service radically altering the University by (1) improving a product or service, designing it for a different set of users or (2) improving efficiency and/or effectiveness of existing operational processes or introducing new tools. An implementation road map will help alleviate associated growing pains related to introducing long-term long-term enterprise-wide change.

Change Management at the University of Minnesota, a 2006-07 President’s Emerging Leaders project, compares change management models informed by case studies on recent University-wide changes and put forward recommendations for implementing change at the University of Minnesota.

Project Goal

Building on these recommendations for change management at the University of Minnesota, the goal of this project is to develop a road map for implementing innovation by identifying resources currently available at the University while identifying gaps. The road map will be made available to innovators and change agents at all levels of the University and will be broadly adaptable to innovation across the Enterprise.

Project Team

Team Members

Faith Goenner
Program and Operations Manager
Institute for Health Informatics/AHC
Mentor: Meredith McQuaid

Apeckchya Karki
Program Associate
Capital Planning and Project Management
Mentor: Peter Radcliffe

Andrew Merrill
Assistant Director
Measurement Services
Mentor: Thomas Sullivan

Larry Storey
Information Technology Services Supervisor
Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Mentor: Ann Hill Duin

Melissa Sullivan
Administrative Director
Applied Economics
Mentor: Laurie McLaughlin