University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

University Information Assets: Re-Defining the University Archives in a Digital

The PEL project will explore issues regarding sustaining records of institutional history in a digital age. Both policy and practical issues will be assessed as a result of analyzing current practices for maintaining institutional information and current needs for institutional information.

Specific strategic questions for the President's Emerging Leaders Project include:

  • What trends are evident in institutional and departmental activity related to the dissemination, publishing, and maintenance of information about these organizations (e.g., organizational records, publications, and files)?
  • How is historical institutional information used in decision making, policy development, and fund raising?
  • What are the institutional needs for historic information? What are the risks associated with the retention or destruction of institutional information?
  • What is the current level of University community knowledge about the University Archives and the role that it fulfills?
  • What are the challenges of sustaining University Archive functions in a distributed, digital age? What structures, policies, and educational programs are needed?

Team Members

Jennifer Dunnam
Senior Office Supervisor, Disability Services
Coach: Kate Maple

Vicki Field
Associate to the Dean, Graduate School
Coach: Kathy Fennelly

Laura Sayles
Program Director, Institute for Global Studies
Coach: Jan Morlock

Liz Tollefson
Assistant Director, Office of Dev.& Alumni Relations, UMC
Coach: Deb Cran