University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Leadership Projects

Each year, the PEL administrative team identifies projects designed to address essential strategic questions facing the University. The group leadership project is designed to:

  • enhance participants' understanding of complex issues facing the University
  • give participants exposure to the scope and depth of University departments and functions
  • strengthen the team experience of participants
  • provide current University leaders with new perspectives and ideas for addressing long-range issues
  • expand the culture of leadership beyond the PEL participants

2011-2012 Group Project Summaries

Art of Hosting and Harvesting Integration

Development of an Enhanced Marketing Plan for The Aurora Center

Intercultural Competence

Master Gardener Program Re-organization

Cultivating Innovation for Equity and Diversity

2010-2011 Group Project Summaries

Developing a Roadmap for the Implementation of Disruptive Innovation

Graduate School Communications

Sophomore Year Experience & Retention Initiative

Strategic Planning Toolkit for U of M Units

Undergraduate Bullying Prevention Initiative

2009-2010 Group Project Summaries

Family-friendly Work Place

International Research Portfolio

Teaching 21st Century Literacies

Student Social Platform Initiative

2008-2009 Group Project Summaries

Academic Analytics Strategy

Doctor of Pharmacy Program Admissions Criteria

Faculty Incentives Pilot

Implementing Cyberinfrastructure for 21st Century Research

Implementing Student Development Outcomes

2007-2008 Group Project Summaries

Aligning and Delivering Research Metrics

Collaborative Leadership Development

HIPAA and Research

Implementing Administrative Metrics

NCAA Certification Self-Study

2006-2007 Group Project Summaries

Directing Change Management at the University of Minnesota

Faculty Mentoring

Internationalizing the University

Positioning Rochester: Identifying Elements That Will Influence and Impact the Positioning of the University of Minnesota-Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota

Staff Engagement in the University Community

2005-2006 Group Project Summaries

Organizational Transformation Models and Benchmarking

Administrative Services Task Force: Electronic Communications with Students

Administrative Services Task Force: Hours of Operation Study

People's Task Force PEL Project Focusing on Performance Management and Career Mobility

Transforming the University Culture

2004-2005 Group Project Summaries

Enterprise Financial System: Business Process Improvement

University Information Assets: Re-Defining the University Archives in a Digital Age

Human Resources Leadership Development

Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs: Establishing a Vision for the Future

Office of Service and Continuous Improvement: Space - The Next Frontier