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2011-12 Program Application and Essay

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

We recommend preparing the answers to the essay question in a word processing program and then copying and pasting into the text field provided.

Applicant Contact Information

Alternate Contact Information

If applicable, please provide the name and contact information of the individual who handles your scheduling & communications.

Present Position

Employee Group

Previous U of M Positions

Leadership Participation

Briefly describe any other leadership development activities or programs in which you have participated in the past five years.

Other Activities

Please list relevant work outside of the University, volunteer activities, professional development, etc.

Conversation with Alumnus

Please indicate the alumnus with whom you had a conversation.

Nomination/Letter of Reference

If you were nominated for the PEL program, please fill out the information below about your nominator. If you were self-nominated, please indicate the person (someone other than your supervisor) who will send the letter of reference. You will not need both a nomination and a letter of reference; either will suffice.

Supervisor's Endorsement

Please indicate the person who will send the supervisor's endorsement.

Senior Officer Endorsement

Please have the office of the senior officer (senior vice president's office, vice president’s office, chancellor’s office, vice chancellor’s office, or dean’s office) responsible for your unit complete this endorsement form.


In 500-750 words, please describe your interest in the program and the qualities, skills, and experience you would bring to the President's Emerging Leaders Program. Please consider the following characteristics and criteria when explaining how you would be a "good fit" for the program.

These three characteristics have been identified as integral in selecting successful PEL participants:

  1. Aspiration - The extent to which an employee wants or desires overall job enjoyment, recognition, advancement, and influence.
  2. Ability - The innate characteristics employees use to carry out their day-to-day work including mental/cognitive ability and emotional intelligence as well as learned skills such as technical, functional, and interpersonal skills.
  3. Engagement - The extent to which employees value, enjoy, and believe in their organizations and a willingness to go "above and beyond."

Specific selection criteria for PEL candidates include:

  • Ability to assume greater responsibility within two years
  • Capacity to stretch beyond current skills or role
  • Cross-functional capability
  • Flexibility for career advancement
  • High performance history
  • Identification as a potential successor for a leadership role at the University
  • Likely to benefit from additional development

Also, describe two or three ways in which this program might help you become an even more effective leader in your current or future roles at the University.

Please prepare the essay in a text-only word-processing program (such as Wordpad) and then copy and paste it into the application when you're ready.

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