University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Payroll Reports on the Web

Payroll reports available on the Web are designed to provide easy access to expense, encumbrance, and adjustment information related to payroll and fringe benefits. They include ad hoc payroll reports, build-your-own query capabilities, and standard payroll run reports.

UM Reports

Information Management Systems (IMS) provides payroll, HR, and financial reports through the UM Reports Web site. It can be accessed with your X.500 user name and password. These ad hoc reports provide useful information for managing your departmental payroll data.

The following is a sample of some of the payroll reports available on UM Reports.

  • Biweekly Overtime Report with Year-to-Date Totals
  • Empl Rcd and Distribution Summary
  • Employee Distributions
  • Employee Pay Summary by Empl Rcd or Pay Period
  • Employee Salary Distribution Summary
  • Encumbrance Groups by Employee or Department
  • HSA Detail
  • HSAs by Employee
  • Payroll Expense and Adjustment by Area-Org
  • Pre-Payroll Distribution - by Department or by Area
  • Salary Fringe Detail
  • Sponsored Accts Ending
  • Vacation Negative Balances
  • Vacation Sick Leave Balances
  • YTD Encumbrance and Expense Summary
  • For a complete list of payroll report descriptions, see UM Reports Descriptions (pdf).

Data Warehouse

You can build customized reports and run queries against payroll data by using the information that resides in the Data Warehouse environment. An IDEA ID and password are required to access production data information and run queries against the data.

EDMS Reports

The Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) provides access to standard payroll data reports generated with each payroll run. Access to EDMS is based on job function and approved by your department's HRMS Key Contact.

Call Central Computing Operations Customer Assistance Center at 612-624-0555 for security access information or visit the CCO Security Web site to obtain the Access Request Form AR001.

Click here for information on how to access EDMS Reports. Following is just a sample of the reports available on EDMS.

  • Department Area/Org Report
  • Department Abstract Report
  • Fringe Department Detail Report
  • Invalid Account Code Report
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Expiration Report
  • Department Student-Not-Registered Summary Report
  • Stability Payment/Career Bonus Notification Report

For a complete list of EDMS payroll report descriptions, see EDMS Report Descriptions (pdf).