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Listed are the taxes deducted for the current pay period. The Calendar Year-to-Date (YTD) totals for each type of tax are shown on your most recent pay statement.

Fed Withholding
Amount withheld for Federal Income Taxes.
Fed FICA Med Hospital Ins/EE
Amount withheld for federal Medicare employee employment tax.
Fed OASDI/Disability - EE
Amount withheld for federal Old Age Survivor's Disability Insurance (Social Security) employment tax.
Fed 1042
Amount withheld for federal withholding for nonresident aliens.
State Withholding
Amount withheld for state income taxes.
Total for all tax amounts.

Tax Data Help

At Employee Self-Service, you can:

  • View/update your W-4: Change your marital status, allowances, or additional withholdings
  • Use the Paycheck Calculator: Determine the amount of tax that will be withheld from your pay, based on number of allowances claimed

More Information on Taxes

See the Taxes sections for more detailed information about federal and state tax data and withholdings.