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Tax Data

The Tax Data section of the pay statement displays Federal and State tax data as claimed on your Form W-4, including marital status, number of allowances and any flat additional amounts elected.

The state indicated will be Minnesota unless you have completed a MW-R reciprocity agreement form for Michigan or North Dakota, or live and work in one of the other states in which the University is registered to withhold tax – California, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, and Wisconsin. Then that state will be indicated.

Marital Status

There are three categories of marital status on the W-4: Single; Married; or, Married, but withhold at the higher Single rate. For both federal and state tax purposes, the three categories are defined the same, but taxes are calculated at only two rates – Married rate or Single rate.

Following are the W-4 marital status descriptions as they appear on the Tax Data section of your pay statement:

What You Claim on Your W-4 Federal Description Minnesota State Description
Single Single Single; Married, but legally separated; or spouse is a nonresident alien
Married Married Married
Married, but withhold at higher single rate Single Married, but withhold at higher single rate


The number of allowances claimed on your W-4 will determine how much tax is withheld from your pay. The more allowances you claim, the less tax that is withheld. See the Form W-4 page for information on how to determine the number of allowances to claim for tax withholding purposes.

Additional Amount

In addition to your withholding calculated and withheld based on the number of allowances you claim, you can elect to have an additional flat dollar amount withheld from your pay.

Tax Data Help

At Employee Self-Service, you can:

  • View/update your W-4: Change your marital status, allowances, or additional withholdings
  • Use the Paycheck Calculator: Determine the amount of tax that will be withheld from your pay, based on number of allowances claimed

More Information on Taxes

See the Taxes sections for more detailed information about federal and state tax data and withholdings.