University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Net Pay Distribution

Payment Type
Indicates whether you are receiving a (hard-copy) check or having your net pay direct deposited into one or more bank accounts. A direct deposit pay statement is often referred to as an Advice.
Paycheck Number
This is a unique system-assigned paycheck or pay advice number
Account Type
This shows the type of account(s) used for direct deposit, checking or savings.
Account Number
Displays the last 4-digits of each account used to directly deposit the designated net amount to your checking or savings account.
Displays your total net pay for that period. If your net pay is deposited to multiple accounts, the amount for each account will be listed with the Account Type, and the total of all accounts shows at the bottom.

Direct Deposit

Sign Up for Direct Deposit at Employee Self-Service

With direct deposit, your net pay is electronically deposited into your account. Advantages of direct deposit:

  • Provides immediate access to payroll funds on payday.
  • Eliminates lost/stolen checks (paper checks sitting in mailboxes are easy targets).
  • No longer need to be at work to obtain paycheck.
  • Eliminate hazards of obtaining a check during emergency closings.