University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

General Information

Top of Pay Statement

Pay Statement top information

Left Column

  • Your name
  • Name of the University company you work for
  • Address of University's central payroll services

Right Column

  • Net Pay
  • Pay Begin Date: First day of the pay period for this pay statement
  • Pay End Date: Last day of the pay period for this pay statement
  • Check Date: Date those pay period funds are issued/made available to you

View a Different Paycheck

  • This link takes you to a list of your previous paychecks. Note that this list is sorted by the Pay Period End Date, not the Check Date.

General Information

Pay Statement General Information section
  • This section contains your name, your employee ID, and your home address.
  • Note that your paycheck and other important payroll documents like W-2s always pull your address from the home address option. As an employer, it is critical we have your current home address.

Updating Your Personal Information

  • Changing Your Name: Contact your departmental payroll/HR coordinator.
  • Changing Your Home Address: You can update the address options listed for yourself by going to Employee Self-Service,, and then by clicking on the "Update Personal Information" link. You should always note that what you have listed in the home address section is what will print on your paycheck.
  • Note to Foreign Nationals: You should have your U.S. home address listed. Do not change it to your home country address until right before you leave to go back to your country, and your final check and tax documents will be mailed to your home address in your home country.