University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Reclassification Process & Policies

For Civil Service or P&A employees

If you are a Civil Service or Academic Professionals & Administrative (P&A) employee and your position has been through the University’s Job Family Study more than six months ago, use the job reclassification process described below.

All other employees should continue to use the JEQ or JRQ process found on our Reclassification Process & Policies page


Reasons for a Reclassification Request

A job family job description review determines which classification is appropriate for a particular job. Positions at the University are classified according to the nature and difficulties of duties and responsibilities assigned to the employees, and according to comparable jobs at the University.

A reclassification request should be submitted when:

  • Substantive changes in the duties and responsibilities of a job position occur due to changes in organization, work, staffing requirements, or technology.
  • A job classification is inappropriate or was initially incorrectly classified.

If you are uncertain about whether to file a reclassification request, you can discuss the options with your Compensation Consultant. You may also want to review job classification descriptions.

Both departments and individual employees may request a reclassification. If an employee initiates the request, the request must still go through appropriate channels of approval before it reaches OHR for review.

Sometimes a reclassification request is motivated by the desire to reward a top performer. These efforts are more appropriately recognized through merit or in-range adjustments.

Reclassification Process

Recently, the University’s Office of Human Resources has simplified the process of requesting a job reclassification for Civil Service and P&A employees who have completed their department’s Job Family Study. The following steps will guide you through the reclassification process:
1. Employee completes a simple Classification Review Request form and the Position Description Template and signs them
2. Employee forwards the completed documents to the supervisor.
3. Supervisor reviews documents for completeness and accuracy and adds comments or additional information as needed.
4. Supervisor signs documents and attaches the old description of the position and the unit’s current organizational chart.
5. Supervisor forwards all documents to the department head/dean/designee and/or HR director for approval and signature.
6. Once all approvals have been received, documents should be submitted through this OHR Compensation email address:

Classification Review Request form
Position Description Template