University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Employment Benefits

As a graduate assistant, you may be eligible for various benefits. Please review the information below to see which of these benefits may apply to you:

  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Resident tuition rate reduction
  • Informal sick leave
  • Leaves
  • Vacation

Medical and Dental Coverage

The Graduate Assistant Health Plan, through the Office of Student Health Benefits, provides medical and dental coverage to eligible graduate assistants working 195 hours during the official semester payroll dates. For information about eligibility or coverage, contact the Office of Student Health Benefits at Boynton Health Service, 612-624-0627 or

Resident Tuition Rate Reduction

Current Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants who work at least 195 semester hours and meet the registration requirements are eligible to receive a non-resident waiver during that semester. If you don't receive the non-resident waiver, contact the Graduate Assistant Employment office.

Your immediate family members (spouse, children, or legal ward living in the household) are also eligible for the resident tuition rate reduction. They will need to provide documentation: either a marriage license (in English or an English translation), a birth certificate, or a visa.

Receiving a resident tuition rate reduction doesn't change your residency status. For more information on residency and reciprocity, visit the Admissions website.

Former Graduate Assistants

Former graduate assistants who have completed two semesters of a graduate assistantship at 195 semester hours, and their immediate family members (spouse, children, or legal ward living in the household) may be eligible to receive resident tuition rate reductions for up to four semesters, based on the number of graduate assistant appointments. The resident tuition rate reduction must be used within three years of the date of the last qualifying semester. Contact the GAE office to document eligibility (a marriage license in English or an English translation, a birth certificate, or a visa). Retroactive requests for resident rate reductions will be considered up to one academic year from the current semester.


Informal Sick Leave

Graduate assistants are entitled to paid informal sick leave of up to two weeks of consecutive pay for illness or injury to you or your dependent child.

If you are absent repeatedly, the appointing authority may ask for a doctor's certification that you are unable to work.


Graduate assistants may be eligible for absences during the term of the appointment for parental leave or family or personal medical leave based on your appointment.

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

Parental Leave for Academic Employees


Graduate assistants do not receive paid vacation.