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Welcome to Graduate Assistant Employment

The Graduate Assistant Employment office has answers to the questions you have about tuition benefits, job vacancy postings, semester provisional benefits, extended benefits, and policies.

Your questions and concerns can be addressed to us via e-mail, phone, or fax, or you may visit us in person.

Graduate Assistant Union Election Update

The Bureau of Mediation Services dismissed the Charge of Unfair Election Practices filed by United Auto Workers (UAW) against the University of Minnesota, finding that the University did not engage in any unfair election practice that affected the outcome of the election. The election results stand, and the Maintenance of Status Quo Order has been lifted. Graduate assistants will remain in their non-union status, and the University is free to resume discussions related to terms and conditions of employment. For more information, visit Graduate Assistant Resources.

Hiring Information for Departments

Procedures for hiring graduate assistants can be found in the Manager's Toolkit.