University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

2006 Staff Pulse Survey Results

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On the following pages, you will find detailed results from the staff Pulse survey. The report is divided into eight major sections:

Within each of these major sections, we identify the question sets used, present results for question sets, and briefly interpret the results. In most cases, results are presented for the overall set of respondents and then broken down by campus and by job category. However, overall there were not many differences in responses by campus and job category and even apparent differences on graphs presented may not be statistically different from one another.

Executive Summary

Taken as a whole, the Pulse results suggest that employees at the University of Minnesota are satisfied with a variety of features regarding their employment and the University. Across a number of indicators, results suggest that respondents feel quite good about their jobs at the University.

In particular we see some of the most favorable results in the following areas:

  • Overall job satisfaction and satisfaction with the University as an employer
  • Satisfaction with coworkers
  • Satisfaction with supervisors
  • Satisfaction with benefits
  • Intentions to remain at the University
  • General well-being outside of work

On several of these item sets, we see results that are at the very top end of the scales, suggesting very positive results.

Despite the generally favorable results, some areas showed more moderate degrees of favorability. This is not to say that results were unfavorable, but rather when considered in the context of the overall positive results, individuals were more moderately favorable or neutral.

  • Satisfaction with promotion
  • Satisfaction with pay
  • Supervisor support for career development
  • Perceptions of job security