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University of Minnesota graduate assistants elected to remain in their non-union status, voting down union representation by United Auto Workers of America (UAW/GSWU). The on-site election, which took place March 19-23, affects 4,393 graduate assistants on the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses. Voting results were as follows:

2,999 votes were cast

  • Yes (in favor of a union): 1,142
  • No (not in favor of a union): 1,857
On April 5, 2012, United Auto Workers/GSWU filed a Charge of Unfair Election Practices against the University of Minnesota. The Bureau of Mediation Services dismissed the Charge of Unfair Election Practices filed by United Auto Workers (UAW) against the University of Minnesota, finding that the University did not engage in any unfair election practice that affected the outcome of the election. The election results stand, and the Maintenance of Status Quo Order has been lifted. Graduate assistants will remain in their non-union status, and the University is free to resume discussions related to terms and conditions of employment.

Once again, we look forward to putting this election behind us and moving forward collaboratively to ensure the best possible graduate assistant experience at the University of Minnesota.

Election Information:

Official University Communications to Graduate Assistants:

**The Voting Eligibility List includes employee ID numbers. The Bureau of Mediation Services prepares this list, and the University is legally obligated to post the document. At the University of Minnesota, student ID numbers and employee ID numbers are the same. Though student ID numbers are private information, employee ID numbers are public. When used in the context of ones status as an employee, this number is public information. The University has many controls in place to ensure that no unauthorized persons can access private student data.